Community at Home

Social distancing means the community that was once outside the walls of our home, is now entirely within. This brings us closer as a family physically and relationally, but exposes weaknesses as well. What to do with them?

Build the Bridge

Forgiveness is hard enough, restoring may feel like we are inviting heartbreak all over again. Yet, if the family unit is to endure and relationships to last, we must build the bridge or restoration.

We Forgive

Never underestimate the power of Forgiveness within a family. We teach with words, but it finds roots in our own modeling. Be the living example.

Arguments and Reconciliation

Things had escalated fast when suddenly she screamed, "Get out of my house!" "We aren't done talking about this." "Get out! ...Fine! I'll leave my own home!" Anger fits both of us like a well tailored suit. Staying calm and not raising my voice took all the power of the Holy Spirit in me. As... Continue Reading →

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