Why We Don’t Celebrate Halloween

This is a question I am asked often so I decided to share before feelings on this subject run high in the Fall. As Christians, there are reasons our family does not celebrate Halloween. LIGHT AND DARKNESS Every Fall I find myself sitting around a table discussing a shared love: God’s Word. New Christians and... Continue Reading →


The stay at home order has us all going through the various stages. Shock. Adjustment. Rhythm. And now? Endurance. While the end of the tunnel can be seen for some, for others tensions continue to rise. We are in a stage of endurance when we strain and feel the full weight of the burden and... Continue Reading →

Community at Home

Social distancing means the community that was once outside the walls of our home, is now entirely within. This brings us closer as a family physically and relationally, but exposes weaknesses as well. What to do with them?

Build the Bridge

Forgiveness is hard enough, restoring may feel like we are inviting heartbreak all over again. Yet, if the family unit is to endure and relationships to last, we must build the bridge or restoration.

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